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Security camera catches sex

“I was raised to be a gentleman,” Albuquerque Ride spokesman Rick De Reyes said. For me to describe what’s on this video makes me very uncomfortable.” It wasn’t known if Gonzales had an attorney.

Davenport Police are looking for the suspect in two sexual assaults that happened within 30 minutes of each other on Memorial Day weekend.

We live in a world where we’re constantly being watched.

Where Big Brother can see everything we do through the use of millions and millions of cameras and satellites. Not even those who are supposed to be serving The Man.

When Casey and his wife got home, he said Kelley was still there.

Never has that been better shown than in this story of a New Mexico state police officer in serious trouble due to surveillance camera footage.

Big Brother has clearly brought him down and, judging by the fact that the footage shows him having sex with a woman on the hood of his car while in full uniform, he is clearly the man.

After all, he’s doing this in broad daylight and, after my extensive research into Albuquerque area crime, I can tell that that’s when some of the awesomest criminal acts occur.

The one question that really remains though is who is that prairie dog in the picture’s foreground shown watching the whole thing?

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A BUS DRIVER in New Mexico’s largest city was fired after surveillance cameras caught him in a sex act with a woman while at work, Albuquerque transportation official said.