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Traditional Italian passementerie, shells, pearls, semi-precious stones, resin, wood, silver and more, find a new soul and dimension in the ornaments.The singular materials are reinterpreted with an elegant, contemporary twist telling a story of refined sophistication and originality.It is a fusion of distinctive traits, an expression of joyful talents and emotions where tradition delightfully blends with innovative creativity.Necklaces, earrings and bracelets feature unique combinations of unconventional materials.Reliving the sun-kissed days spent amongst friends at Sunset Beach in Shelter Island, 6 Shore Road was created to capture the essence of a carefree lifestyle all year round.Annie P was founded in 2013 by Annie Papadimitriou who to date is an award winning printed textile designer.

Bandeaus, retro cuts, flounces, seersucker stripes and impressionist-style florals originally set the tone...Abroad, its collections can be found in Spain, Japan, Miami, California, Italy, Belgium, Saint Barths and more…In 2013, the brand also attracted the appreciation of other creators.For its 30th birthday, the Parisian label Claudie Pierlot asked ALBERTINE to create an exclusive swimsuit for it: an elegant bikini with red stripes and a sailor’s bow, in a re-creation of the traditional look of the famed ready-to-wear brand.EVERY COLLECTION ECHOES THE HISTORY BEHIND THE BRAND AND ITS AFFINITY TO CRAFTSMANSHIP AND THE HANDMADE.THE BRAND HAS PERFECTED THAT SIGNATURE BLEND OF POLISHED AND ARTISANAL — THE VERY COMBINATION THAT HAS MADE ARANÁZ SOME KIND OF BOUDOIR FREQUENTED BY THE CHIC, THE POWERFUL, THE COOL OF MANILA.

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A little while later, it was the photo prints on bustiers that won over not only the press, but also the fashion boutiques and fashionistas.