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They had met each other in a shared required English class very early on and maintained a friendship ever since.Yamato had been less of an annoying freshman than his peers which had drawn Kakashi to him.Rather than making an inquiry to what he was looking at, Kakashi zoned out to the area around them.The university was one of the largest ones around and was surrounded by many shops from their city.Yamato, on the other hand, was fully embracing the stalker neighbor stereotype as he peeked through the blinds. All you did was sit and watch the rest of us.”“Clearly you’ve forgotten I was the manager and you wouldn’t have had any matches or practices without me.”“Flirting with the other teams to establish connections doesn’t count, Konan.”Their voices faded out as they entered their apartment.

Judging from the smile plastered to his face, he had seen something particularly good and was doing his best to keep it quiet.

The younger man made a muffled sound of complaint and spilled off the side of the recliner. ”He went ignored as Kakashi attempted to get a glance at the person.

Unfortunately, the man had already made it to the other side of the truck and all he saw was a girl with blue hair jumping into the passenger seat.

After tragedy stole his family and memory, Obito was raised away from everything he used to know.

He made friends, finished his undergrad years, and decided that it was a good idea to finish college at a separate university alongside those he's known for years.

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Even then I couldn’t find him though.”“No wonder you’re not technologically savvy.”“Shut up, nature boy.” Oh God, now they were beginning to sound like their new neighbors. They got into Kakashi’s car and headed towards their shared school: Konoha University.

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