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And he points to a painting in Florence of the Trinity in Santa Maria Novella painted by Masaccio, which has one of the early paintings to show you a wonderful sense of perspective.

You see Christ on the cross, you see Mary and Joseph, they're turning toward him.

Leitor, a quem muito agradeço, enviou-me um vídeo interessantíssimo.

Nele Eric Kandel, neurocientista que já recebeu um Nobel, disserta sobre um tema que me é especialmente caro. O que é aquela coisa especial, difícil de verter em palavras, que transforma uma obra numa obra-prima?

If you focus on peripheral vision, which sees the broad outlines, you do better at seeing the smile.

O Walking Dead Brasil disponibiliza este espaço para comentários e discussões dos temas apresentados na matéria acima.

And he said that the problem with art history is, it's going to go down the tubes because it's too anecdotal, it's too descriptive, it doesn't have enough of a science base. And the science it should relate itself to is psychology.

And the key problem that it should address right off is the beholder's share.

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God is above, he looks down, the two donnas at the side, they're looking -- they're all looking at Christ.

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