Dating sites country music lovers

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Dating sites country music lovers

Highly highly recommended to watch this amazing drama.

I want to write more and more but my words have fallen shorten to write about this drama. Best couple award goes to Woo Jin Ah and Lee Jun Ho Shi. I can take full responsibility in telling you that you won't be disappointed. This outstanding drama is engaging in every way: direction, screen play , impressive acting, photography, music.

I also hope,that they add another season,or make a second part to this great drama.

Now that would be really awesome and and totally amazing to see.

Woo Jin Ah has captured my heart with her excellent expressions. I loved how they act with so deep emotions and how they beautifully delivered their emotions... The writer really took out our breath and even given us big hole in a heart momentarily in the last episodes. after a week i feel like bouncing * _^* yay yay yay !!Yes, it may not be for everyone because of the sad yet sincere lives of all the characters that would keep tugging at your heartstrings.Everyone's role is an important part that makes the story real.I don't think I would ever look at Kdramas the same way again. I have been watching Korean Dramas for years, and might have watched more than 100 dramas so far. anyway, i'm looking forward for their next project! This drama showed the journey of individuals which had gone through so much of sufferings but yet they didnt choose to give up.But I can say without a doubt that this was THE BEST DRAMA I have ever watched. Don't know from where do i start writing about this drama!! I never came across such a pure romantic kdrama ever.

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