Cuban dating woman

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Cuban dating woman

Thus we have "Fernández" - meaning "son of Fernando", "Nuñez" - meaning "son of Nuño", and so on.

Thus we have "Calvo" ("bald"), "Flaco" ("thin") and "Armenteros", a corruption of "Arma Entera" ("full armament"), which was awarded by Royal Decree to Don Rodrigo de Guzmán after this individual continued to battle the moors with a wooden log after losing his sword.This applied to making a change to a different surname not entitled by blood relation, even a simple translation of the surname.It did not apply to the selection of which surnames to use as discussed above.For a more complete discussion of this topic (in Spanish) and a list of the meaning and origin of more than 8,000 Spanish surnames, we recommend you consult the following compact reference: Diccionario de Apellidos Españoles, Roberto Faure, Maria Asuncion Ribes, Antonio Garcia - Editorial Espasa Calpe S. This book is also obtainable at the Ediciones Universal bookstore in Miami.During the Middle Ages, prior to the Council of Trent, it was common in Visigothic Spain (as in other Germanic cultures), to form an individual's last name by adding one of the patronymic forms "ez" , "iz", or "az" (all meaning "son of"), to the father's first name.

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Some nicknames such as Chucho, Yeyo, Pipo, Cuca, Mami, etc.

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