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Khloé, on the other hand, has never been the favorite. First plan of action, Khloé takes it upon herself to reorganize Kris’ pantry. Then, she bought out Saks Fifth Avenue so that they can shop with no worries!

Both mother and daughter are organization freaks, so it’s kind of a present for the both of them. Not only is it stress-free shopping, but it’s a little Kris-Khloé time before Khloé heads back out of town.

In Kourt’s defense, it would be super awkward to talk about Younes on the show if they broke up soon.There was a year-long process where they had to get their surrogate approved, create a plan, and finalize everything. Kim and Kanye have decided to try one embryo because it’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Kris bursts into tears at the idea of having a seventh grandchild.Now, it all comes down to whether or not she wants to have another kid soon.“Top secret, but my surrogate passed all her tests! One time jump later, Kim and Steph sit in the sun in Kim’s bedroom, preparing to call one of her family members with news. Kourtney is casual and practical, in her typical fashion. Kim’s just happy to have nine months of freedom while the baby is growing!She’s a capable young woman, but, of course, she’ll need some help along the way.That means Kris is spending more time than usually with Kylie instead of her usual favorite daughter, Kim.

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Knowing her pregnancy history, having a surrogate must be such a relief.