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“It’s daunting,” she says, “trying to fit as much as possible in my schedule to network, as well as to bring new energy into the Board and to reach out to all nine counties… “It will continue to require a lot of hard work by many, but PEC is on a good course.

But, I think George and I are a good team for the job.” Like George, Jean also thinks PEC will have to attract a new generations of members and donors. They have incredible leadership from Chris Miller, who is supported by a great staff.

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“I appreciate PEC because I think it remains relevant, and actually becomes more relevant all of the time,” he says. They’re dedicated professionals and are doing great work in the region.” This won’t be George’s first time serving as a board chairman, but—despite his experience—George says he’s both excited and nervous to serve as PEC’s Co-Chair: “It’s a big job! It’s scary, but exhilarating at the same time.” When asked about PEC’s big­gest challenge today, George says it’s getting the next generation of activists involved. Jean was born and raised in Cincinnati, but VA stole her heart as a young adult: “I went down to DC while still in college,” she recalls, “and I loved to ride…

I’ve been involved with PEC for years, and I’ve been chairman for other organizations… that’s what introduced me to the Piedmont…Riding through the countryside, I’m able to appreciate how pre­cious these landscapes are.” Jean now lives in Fauquier but lived in Loudoun from the ‘80s through 2004—where she witnessed the onslaught of sprawl from D. “It made me understand the need to protect this area,” she explains. I was brought up with the mindset that you give back and leave a place better than when you got there.” An impassioned conservation­ist, Jean has worked with a number of regional organizations—and she was introduced to PEC in the ‘90s.

During his tenure as Chairman, PEC became an accredited land trust; led a number of crucial cam­paigns; launched our Rural & Agricultural Economy Program and our Wildlife Habitat Program; and nearly 80,000 acres of land were put under conservation easement in the region—including key easements at Montpelier and Montalto.

Tony will continue to serve on PEC’s board and will be taking more time to devote himself to a writing career.

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“PEC is amazingly comprehensive and reaches into so many areas of life here in the Piedmont,” she says.